An artist with golden fingers by Mridangam Vidwan Sri. Thiruvaarur Bakthavathsalam

I deem it a greet privilege to write a few lines about the Great Master of Mridangam ‘Padmashri’ UMAYALPURAM SHRI. K. SIVARAMAN.

Hailing from the ancient seat of musical learning and a descendent from Saint Thyagaraja’s direct shishya parampara, Shri. Sivaraman has contributed to the presentation of the pure tradition of Carnatic Music.

Shri. Sivaraman, a doyen of Mrudangam, who is now completing 50 golden years of ceaseless dance of fingers, is no doubt the greatest artist of the day.

Many decades ago, he was invited by stalwarts of the field to accompany them. He gave imaginative accompaniment to their flights of music without intruding on the smooth flow of the concert and during the “thani”, he dazzled the audience with varying permutations and combinations of ‘Nada’, mathematically intricate and precious but aesthetically creative and imaginative playing.

A gentleman to the core with the smooth and suave manners Sri. Sivaraman is a perfect gentleman in the field. He strongly believes that Mrudangam has a message for the subtlety in music.

Sri. Sivaraman concealed in gentle exteriors, has the creative fire in musical expression. In fact he has devised his own style of playing a method where each beat at his fingers almost seems to reveal vocal expression. It is lively to see him while playing where both hands are balanced so well and he dazzles the audience with his ‘Araichappu”.  It is an arduous task he has set for himself to make the mrudangam speak a language almost akin to human sound.

This revered Great master is completing 50 Golden years in the service of music.

Let “Lord Nandideva” the “God of Laya” bless Sri. Sivaraman a hundred more years of useful dedicated services to music.

(Article written on Dr. Umayalpuram K Sivaraman’s completion of 50 Years of service to Carnatic Music)