Umayalpuram Sri K Sivaraman – A Model for Hard Working by ‘Mridangam Vidwan’ Guru Shri. Karaikudi R. Mani

Various factors contribute to the rise of an artist in the field he has chosen – some through public relations, some backed up by Government, while a few by sheer luck. The percentage, who grow to fantastic heights through their hard work, is very low. Sri. Sivaraman is one among those who depended entirely on his hard work to come up. 

His intimate friends and co-artists know about his practice in the art of percussion from his early age. He concentrated his entire attention in practicing and accompanying vocalists and instrumentalist, except the time set apart for taking meals and sleep. Because of this he got the following in the presentation- Perfection. Clarity and Speed. He would handle any tempo and maintain the same throughout without any deviation with ease. His style of rendering is reflective of his mastery over the art, which is due to his sincerity, dedication and deep involvement in it.

Among Musicians and connoisseurs of Music, he is held in high esteem and his talent is well recognized.

I Pray my Guruji, SRI GURU SURAJANANDA, to bless him with a long and healthy life, for the continuance of his effortless skillful performance.

(Article written on Dr. Umayalpuram K Sivaraman’s completion of 50 Years of service to Carnatic Music)